March Print Items sold at Electives Fair

A quick story on the electives fair, an event that our school holds for the new freshmen as well as those looking to take new classes and explore the options we have. A few booths bribed the students with food and other things.

   Though the electives fair was held to showcase the opportunities at the school, some may say there were also added incentives to come to a few certain booths. Many handed out candy, while some clubs and electives had other treats, and athletic director Darrell Wilson even sold Blue Streak attire. One of those clubs who gave out cookies was Habitat for Humanity, the booth manned by members including senior Ninoska Bertran. Cookies were a popular item to pass out that night, but these cookies (sugar and chocolate chip) helped passersby to learn about the club as well as enjoy their sweet treat.

   “We know that people love food so we made cookies, and then we have a little information sheet about Habitat for Humanity, so whenever you’re eating it and looking at it, you get to find out what Habitat [for Humanity] is,” Bertran said.

   Cookies were also passed out by both the Food and Nutrition class and the Gear Up table, which was run by counselor Gwen Baugh. The table featured many goodies, including popcorn, nutri grain bars, bananas, various types of cookies and bottles of water.

   “I’m giving out food because the ninth graders are part of something called Gear Up,” Baugh said. “It’s a federal grant that our school has and they give us money to promote anything related to undergraduate programs, early access for college, so this food is just so people will come over and have a friendly reminder that we have this grant here and if they have any questions they can ask me about it.”

   The French class, taught by Sally Young, though, put a twist on the food offered at the fair. Crepes were cooked at their booth with the option of Nutella or a variety of jams to be spread on them.

   “They’re fun to cook and everyone loves to eat them because they’re really good, and they’re very popular in French-speaking countries, especially France,” Young said.

   On the other hand, the Interpreter’s club, lead by Yolanda Blake, had many different things for sale to fundraise for their club, including ethnic foods as well.

   “We need to fundraise for the club so we can pay for materials for the scholarship for 12- graders, because the club intends to pay for the official training to become an official interpreter for two students every year for different languages,” Blake said.

   In order to raise the funds, the club offered colorful marshmallow pops, lemonade, cupcakes, homemade salsa and homemade chicken tamales.

   All in all, elective fair visitors could leave not only informed, but with full bellies as well.


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