Choco Chip Oreos taste great, but don’t compare to mint

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  Oreos are a big, big part of my family. Ever since I can remember, we’ve always had the cookies around. They’re the Cole family weakness. Honestly, some of my earliest memories are dipping Oreos in a big glass of milk and learning how to properly avoid drippage. My mom prefers the chocolate, my sisters are head over heels for the red velvet cookies and, like my brother, I’m personally a mint Oreo kind of girl. Since Oreos are so huge in our lives, what do you think we did when I announced I had seen something about Choco Chip Oreos on Buzzfeed’s snap story? We FREAKED.

    As I write this, I will be trying my first ever Choco Chip Oreo. With a golden, chocolate chip dotted cookie and a light coffee-colored cream, this has been a big lead up for me.

    Split it open and lick the icing or eat the whole thing in one bite, I could go either way. Separated, the cookie itself without the cream tastes like the original oreo cookie, which by the way, is delicious. I’m not complaining there.

    The cream itself is very different. It’s sweet, but has rich and deep undertones. The taste is hard to lay a finger on exactly, but the closest thing I could think of is that it tastes like really sugary maple syrup on pancakes. Not the hugest fan, but it is still yummy.

    Eating the cookie and the cream at the same time is really good as well. The ordinariness of the regular cookie helps out with the sweetness of the cream, making a nice balance. Once the crunchy cookie has left your mouth, though, be prepared for a rapid rush of sugar.

    Now comes the milk, the most crucial part of any Oreo experience. This is the most important test. As I took a bite of my soaked cookie, my taste buds were overcome with joy. The maple undertones I had originally tasted were downplayed by the milk. If you are not a total sweet tooth, you can’t handle this cookie. If you are, though, try this cookie out. I will say, I feel like I’ve tasted something extremely similar to the milk-soaked Choco Chip Oreo very recently. I can’t seem to identify what it was, but the taste is familiar, and I doubt few people would disagree if they tasted it as well. Iced animal crackers, maybe?

    After taking in my fifth and final cookie (three with milk, two without), I can effectively warn everyone: if you eat this cookie, DO NOT devour it in two seconds without a glass of milk. Take it slow and split it open if you eat it dry, but if you shove the dry cookie into your mouth with one bite, you’ll get a headache. After five of them, my brain is starting to feel a little fuzzy. Don’t get me wrong, they’re delicious, but I do not recommend being reckless with these cookies. Eat one or two or even three, now stop. Don’t push it. I’m serious.

    Now did they live up to my expectations? In some ways yes, some ways no. When the packaging said Choco Chip, I was thinking more Toll House than Cookie Crisp. Myself being more of a chewy than crunchy person, I guess I was expecting something a little like Chewy Chips Ahoy. Also, I was hoping for a little more chocolate chip and a little less creamy sugar rush. The hard cookie was good, and I was definitely pleased by that. But was I expecting them to be as good as they were with milk? Not at all.


The Choco Chip Oreo is packaged depicting a standard
The Choco Chip Oreo is packaged depicting a standard “chocolate chip cookie”. The cream itself is a light mocha color, and the crunchy cookie portion contains little chocolate.

So does this mean I’ve been converted from a mint Oreo girl to the Choco Chip side? Sorry, but nope. I need a snack where I can eat the whole sleeve on a bad day, not one that makes my eyes buzz after number four. Plus, the mint makes the milk-dipping so much better. The Choco Chip made a good effort and carried me through an enjoyable Oreo experience, but I don’t think anything can sway me from my love of the mint Oreo.


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