March Print, Casey Wilson’s Rubber Duck Collection

This was a cool, pretty chill story to write. I know Casey Wilson pretty well from swim team so it was easy to set up the interview and she was comfortable with me during the interview. I got some pretty funny quotes as well. Her collection was fun to learn about and I enjoyed writing this story.


A swimmer, a governor’s school student, a volleyball player, but also a rubber duck collector. Junior Casey Wilson began her accumulation of the ducks back in elementary school.


“We just went to our school carnival and one of the prizes that I had just gotten a lot of was a bunch of rubber ducks and so I just set them on a shelf and it kind of started from there,” Wilson said.


Since then, Wilson has acquired over 100 rubber ducks.


“Some of them are just gifts but some of them…if my dad would ever go on a business trip, he would look for something to bring back…and whenever we travel somewhere I would usually try to look for one so they’re kind of like souvenirs,” Wilson said. “Sometimes my parents will get them for my birthday or Christmas. That will be one of the little things.” She does not have a desire for any specific duck, though.


“It’s not like there’s a specific duck day. It’s not like ‘Happy birthday! Ducks, now you get ducks’,” Wilson said. “It’s not like I seek out ducks, like ‘I’m going to get this duck,’. There’s not like a duck collectible catalog, not like a porcelain duck.”


Some of her ducks hold sentimental value, but some of Wilson’s ducks are random too.


“I have a bunch of ducks on keychains that I got out of those things, you know, where you put the quarter in, twist the crank and it comes out. They’re not really the best looking ducks, so if I had to choose a least favorite duck…they’re really small too,” Wilson said.


Wilson collected her most recent ducks around Thanksgiving.


“We went to my cousins… and we stayed in a hotel and when we got there they had left just completely randomly they had left ducks sitting in the bathroom so I got them,” Wilson said.


Her favorite duck is white with multicolored snowflakes. She does not favor this duck because of it’s pattern, though, it’s because of who it came from. The duck was a gift from a friend who was in kindergarten with Wilson in New York and they have tried to keep up their friendship despite Wilson moving to Harrisonburg the summer after first grade.


“My friend from New York, after we moved away, she’d come to visit and she’d see all the ducks I have in my room. She went on a trip somewhere and she found it and sent it back so it’s really special to me because it came from her,” Wilson said. “Recently we lost contact and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get her phone number. We haven’t talked in awhile.”


Overall Wilson is neither enthused nor humiliated by her collection.


“It’s not something that like I don’t take pride in, but…it’s not something I’m ashamed of,” Wilson said. “It’s one of those things like whenever you go to a camp they’re like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna tell each others our names and one weird fact.’ That’s my one fact: I collect ducks. So it’s out there for the whole world, but it’s not like if someone were to come into my house it’s not like I’d be like ‘Look at my ducks!’”


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