Second Month as Page Editor (12/15)

I knew how to do things this time!

This month was much better and my stories were much longer, so two were cut.

I loved Ellie’s story on Aaron Gordon that was on my page. He is an amazing poet. I really liked the pulled poem/quote/whatever you want to call it that was in the middle of the page. I’m just sad the picture was only a mugshot, but sometimes that’s all you can do.

Nyah didn’t have a picture for her story, and I was assigned to take pictures of the Musical Rehearsals anyways, so I just gave her my best photo for the bottom of the page.

I realized last month I had forgotten to capitalize the caption headers, so I made a mental effort not to forget capitalization with those this month.

My page was on time again, thanks to Mrs. Kibler, Faith, and Aud a little too for the aid when I couldn’t remember how to do something. I’m starting to catch on though now!

The pizza was really yummy too(:

By the way, I had fun with making fake headlines. I’m not sure if questions are allowed, I don’t think so, but I liked ‘Will Aaron Gordon release a mixtape?’ Also, I liked ‘Lettuce go in peace’for Sam’s Kizner story. “Somebody turn Christa off,” Kibler said.


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