Opinion: Medical Marijuana (11/12/15)

This may be the article I’m most proud of so far. I wrote it really early to get it out of the way and a little after shared it, Ellie texted me about how Olivia and Garrett were raving about how good it was on their group chat. I was so excited, I had a mini freakout in the middle of La Morena. I do have to give some credit to Sam though, because I was writing on the TV show “Gotham” and he pushed me to write something I could rant about. I went online and looked up some controversial issues to see what was popular. I didn’t want to get into anything that would pull my religion into the article, nor was I educated on politics, so when I found medical marijuana as a topic, I was ecstatic because I thought ‘yay something I can research!’, because that’s when my writing is best. I had fun learning about marijuana and its makeup along with its effects, so writing this wasn’t a chore for me at all. I am really excited to see what I’ll be writing about next time and to educate myself a little bit more on the chosen topic.

I don’t have a picture for this because, well, where am I going to get a picture of marijuana? I don’t really know anyone who has any, so no image there.

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