First Month as a Page Editor

This was scary, to be honest. I was very excited to have the honor of being a page editor, A3 of all pages, as well, though. I knew nothing about the work or process of layout before this week. It is crazy, yet I like it. I just hope I’m able to pick up what’s good and what’s not, that’s where I think I’ll have the most difficulty. Also, timeliness. I thought I could do most of my work on my beloved computer at home, the place where I do my best work, but SIKE! I had to work in the Newsstreak room. Hoping that can somehow be changed in the future, but I’m just happy to have the privilege of being a page editor, so it’s fine. Hopefully I will be a bit more on top of things next time, layout-wise and story-wise. One person didn’t get his story in until last minute,though, even after I badgered him both face-to-face and by text message. Another person didn’t get his story in at all. Guess I just need to be a little more mean sometimes. Huge thanks to Sabrina (she is a life saver, don’t know what I would’ve done without her), Faith (for both helping me and putting up with my lack of knowledge/ability), Kibler (for editing my page so wonderfully, it was a huge help) and Ava (for the fabulous pictures)!


but it’s a process 🙂


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