Members of the Red Sea at Away Games (11/6/15)

This story was great to write because it gave me an excuse to skip practice and go to the football game! Also, so many people showed up for the Red Sea since it was at TA, so that definitely  helped. The only problem was that I wanted to get a football player’s perspective, so I texted one about it and the “Read at…” showed up. Therefore, I didn’t get his perspective since (one) he ignored me and (two) it was too late anyways. That was really the only bad part. The story itself, though, I feel isn’t my best due to the fact that I kind of had to throw it together. I tried to do my best on it, I just had to get the interviews the day of the football game because the leaders I wanted to interview were both unavailable before then. I got it in on time and tried to write it well, but it’s not my most exemplary product.

I took a few pictures, but there was so much motion they did not turn out well at all. I’m not counting them as my photography assignment.

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