Wattpad app a necessity for readers (Opinion, Online, 10/14)


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Even though this is my first opinion article, I don’t think I did too great. Ellie said the article is too commercial, and frankly I agree, even after I edited it. I didn’t know how to make it not sound commercial though…I tried really hard to fix it, but I failed. This is probably my worst article so far.


Wattpad app a necessity for readers

One of the number one apps on my phone is Wattpad. If you love books (any kind of books) you will want to have Wattpad downloaded too. Wattpad isn’t just for readers, it’s for writers as well. It’s a great way to get your writing out there. Even Scott Westerfeld, author of the famous “Uglies” series, has an account.

Wattpad is a virtual community for readers and writers. Write anything, read anything. Genres range from Romance to Paranormal, from Nonfiction to Fanfiction. You can find any kind of book you want on Wattpad. You can also follow friends and writers to keep up with their latest works or see what they’re reading themselves. A smartphone isn’t required, there’s a website too.

Anyone can write a story on Wattpad, whether you’re an experienced, best-selling author, or you’ve never written a thing besides your history essays. You can update your book chapter to chapter, or if you’ve already got it finished, upload it all at once. No rush, a little suspense adds character. Also, publishers like to check out Wattpad for potential authors as well, so even if you are just writing for fun or you’re looking for your work to be noticed, Wattpad is for you. I’ve even seen stories from Wattpad made into movies.

Many of my top favorite books are from Wattpad, including “No Capes”, “My Life with the Walter Boys”, “Battle of the Captains”, “Puck You” and “Flawed Souls”. I am warning you, though, this app can be addicting. Once you get into a good story, you’re hooked. Trust me, there’s plenty on there. My parents used to get mad at me for being on my phone so much, but I explained to them, I’m reading! And really, I am! They don’t get mad anymore, I have a good book, everyone is happy. Wattpad is has around 100,000,000 stories and they’re all free. This app won’t be one you’re deleting when the next software update comes out.  And if you need any suggestions, come find me. I have tons!


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